Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Word From Our Intern...

Jodi Weiss, Hamilton College '19

I’ve learned that it takes a lot more than nails and hammers to build a house in Oneida County. My name is Jodi Weiss, and I am a first year student-athlete at Hamilton College. I was given the opportunity to work with Oneida County Habitat for Humanity through Hamilton’s COOP Service Internship (CSI) Program, and have been grateful ever since. I came on board early Fall of 2015, ready to work in resource development, with social media, and of course in the Oneida County Restore itself. I had never formally worked for a non-profit before, and so my world changed when I began to learn what it took to run one successfully.
It takes a hard working, smart, and dedicated team to keep a non-profit running smoothly. At Oneida County Habitat I’ve been able to work with these people who seem to be able to overcome any adversity that comes their way, while maintaining a functional and safe environment for volunteers and community members. I participated in the construction of the house on 1025 Steuben Street with a group of my own peers as well as other students from various schools. I even got the opportunity to assist my supervisor, Allison Kollar, with the Home is where the Art is art auction held at the Steuben house this past Winter. Although Oneida County Habitat was unfortunately facing some hard times with the unexpected closing of the Restore on Seward Avenue, I witnessed tireless intensity from Louis LaBella, Allison Kollar, and the generous volunteers as we pushed through this adversity and used it as a wonderful opportunity to make Oneida County Habitat even more successful in order to better help the community. I thoroughly enjoy working for Oneida County Habitat for Humanity, and I can't wait for what's to come in the future.