Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lend a hand, volunteer Habitat for Humanity!

Who volunteers?

All sorts of people, groups, and organizations lend their free labor and resources to help on a multitude of charitable projects in their area. Some do it just to fill their desire to be helpful, others wish to align their groups and corporations with positive community service initiatives and be supporting factors in these projects

Why do we help?

Some people just like getting their hands dirty and truly enjoy helping on projects for those who are in dire need of help. Whether it be feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, tending to the sick, or housing the homeless; volunteering in a necessary component of the building and shaping of a truly communal society.

What does it mean to be a volunteer?

Many volunteers just want to help and are willing to get in on interesting projects, but the only thing stopping them is their availability. Persons who volunteer their time all agree that finding time to volunteer is the most strenuous part of the whole process. With more and more opportunities such as these the community gets more chances at working together and meeting one another; hopefully building strong bonds of friendship and community service. 

Volunteering is a modern day trend that will never go out of style; despite one’s various reasons for lending a helping hand everyone can agree that volunteering is respectable and a truly awarding activity.

Where to start?
Oneida County Habitat for Humanity is constantly in need of more volunteers and persons that understand the importance of valuable projects such as these. Anyone who is interested in partaking in one of the many volunteer opportunities within this organization, can find a registration form under the"Get Involved" section of Oneida County Habitat for Humanity’s website or should contact Allison Kollar:, for more details.

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