Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ReStore ReStoration

Do you frequently visit OCHFH ReStore? Are you a Pinterest or DIY fanatic? Our ReStore has many hidden gems that can be re-purposed into something new!

Simply repainting a cabinet is a great easy project you can do with a ReStore item. Or for the more crafty folks out there, maybe you want to re-purpose a table into a mosaic using used tiles. ReStore is great for DIY projects, and the prices are unbeatable.

We've recently been asking our customers who are buying items for a craft or DIY project to send us pictures. Below you will see some of the projects OCHFH customers have completed!

Brenda turned an antique dresser mirror into a bathroom vanity! 

Coral spray painted a velvet, high back chair and replaced the buttons.

Great idea from Donna, a OCHFH volunteer, for re-pirposing vases & glass dishes in her garden.

Have you transformed a ReStore item into a piece of art or up-scaled a piece of old furniture? Please send your pictures to akollar@oneidacountyhabitat.org to be featured on our Blog and Facebook page!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

ReStock the ReStore - What To Donate

Are you doing some summer cleaning? Are you taking advantage of the nice weather and renovating your home? Have you replaced your appliances and don't know what to do with the old ones? Do you need to clean out some unneeded or unwanted furniture, bathtubs/showers, hardware, etc.? Don't throw them away, donate! You can donate anything in good condition to the Oneida County Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

If anything is constant in home renovations or upgrades is trash. What some people may view as useless garbage taking up space in their garage or basement, OCHFH ReStore views as treasure. Donating these materials keeps them out of landfills and helps other individuals in their own home renovations; not to mention all proceeds from Restore go toward fulfilling Habitat's mission of building homes, hope and communities.

Not sure what to donate? 

In general, all home building materials or household items that are in good condition can be donated and reused at the ReStore. 

Here are 8 best types of items to donate:

Sinks, Toilets & Bathtubs
If you’re donating a bathtub or sink, make sure that they are not stained and do not have chips in the porcelain. If you are remodeling an older bathroom, your vintage fixtures will be surprisingly popular at the local ReStore. 

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Normally, that means new cabinets. Your old, out-dated cabinets may be very useful to someone else. Kitchen cabinets should be in good working condition and have all of their necessary parts. Keeps cabinets and drawers together when donating.

Working Appliances 
You can also donate working appliances like stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. They should be clean and in good working condition. OCHFH ReStore can use these appliances to help other homeowners who may not be able to afford a brand new, full price appliance. 

Wood from framing or deconstruction projects can easily be reusable.  We request that it does not have any exposed nails or screws because these can be harmful to our staff and volunteers. Acceptable wood consists of wood that is in good condition, meaning without mold or water logged.

Doors and Windows   
Both internal and external doors, like storm doors or screen doors, can be donated. Make sure that they are not damaged, rusted or broken. If you are donating a door with glass make sure that the glass is not broken, these cracks can make the door unusable.

Tiles and Wood Flooring 
Tiles and wood flooring are great for donating. Many times, people can reuse these items in home renovation projects or other DIY projects. Look for clean, undamaged wood flooring with no visible nails and screws. They also will recycle extra boxes of tiles from a home improvement project. 

Light fixtures and lamps can be salvaged and always accepted at the ReStore. Many people use lighting fixtures while remodeling their homes or rental properties. College students or young couple moving into their first apartment often look for low priced lighting before going to big box stores to purchase the more pricey options. Sometimes all it takes is a new lamp shade to completely transform a new lamp into a modern piece.

Door Handles and Cabinet Knobs 
Many people update door handles and cabinet knobs to do a quick and cheap upgrade to a room. These fixtures are often in good condition and can be donated for another person to use. Door handles will be most useful when all the parts are kept together, so put all of the pieces in a bag before donating.

Do you have items you would like to donate to the OCHFH ReStore? Click here for a complete list of accepted items or contact us at 315.624.9010

Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Does Habitat for Humanity Do?

Oneida County Habitat for Humanity is a local affiliate of the international non-profit Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity International, working to eliminate poverty housing all over the world. A social service agency, home-builder and mortgage lender, Habitat partners with volunteers and families on a non-discriminatory basis to build simple, decent, affordable houses and sell them to qualified homeowners with a no-interest loan. Habitat serves families who live in sub-standard housing and are unable to qualify for conventional home funding, yet have stability of income and credit history to demonstrate the ability to repay their Habitat mortgage.

Habitat houses families house by house, block by block. The impact of this housing and holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization carries into the whole community and into the future. Children of Habitat homeowners are more likely to stay in the same schools, and go on to college. Neighborhoods are developed with homes of decent quality and pride of ownership. Habitat volunteers grow in awareness of the whole community and develop relationships that level socio-economic barriers.

So what exactly does OCHFH do? We build and rehabilitate energy efficient, safe, simple, decent and affordable homes through the use of volunteer labor.

What are Habitat Houses like? 

Habitat Houses are built on three principles. 
Simple. Habitat houses are modestly-sized. They are large enough for the homeowner's family needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance cost to a minimum.
Decent. Habitat for Humanity uses quality, locally-available building materials. A Habitat house design reflects the local climate and culture.
Affordable. The labor of volunteers and partner families, efficient building methods, modest house sizes and no-profit loans make it affordable for low-income families to purchase Habitat houses.

 Building houses isn't the only thing OCHFH does. 

We help to eliminate poverty. We improve communities by providing safe and affordable housing. We promote teamwork and unity among different races, religions and other groups within the same community.

Are you interested in joining the Habitat Team?

There are many different programs you can be involved in to help OCHFH and improve your community. Simply donating an unwanted piece of furniture to our ReStore is a big help to Habitat for Humanity; the sales from our ReStore make build projects possible. 

Be a part of "A Brush for Kindness" where we perform simple renovations on homes owned by veterans, elderly, disabled, or someone who is just in a rough spot.

Join one of Habitat's many administrative teams; from public relations and marketing, to family services. See more here

Or you can help OCHFH by giving a monetary donation, even something as small as $20 can help a family in need.

Oneida County Habitat for Humanity 

Oneida County Habitat for Humanity (OCHFH) was founded in 1990 as the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. We serve all of Oneida County. We are a community oriented, volunteer driven, non-profit and not a charity. We provide home ownership opportunities and repairs to low income families, disabled, elderly, and veterans. Learn more about OCHFH by visiting our website www.oneidacountyhabitat.org or LIKE Us on Facebook.